New York Asthma and Allergy Care

Stephen Canfield, MD, PhD

Our office specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions arising from dysfunction in the body's defenses, also known as the "immune system". These conditions include allergies to foods, medications/chemicals, or airborne allergens; asthma; and immune deficiencies, which can lead to frequent infections. Sometimes the source of the problem is clear from the outset. For others, finding the root cause can require some careful investigation.

We strongly believe that every patient is unique. You should not have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. You and your doctor ought to have one shared goal: an accurate timely diagnosis with an effective treatment plan. You should expect your doctor to be up to date on the latest medical developments relating to diagnosis and management of your condition. These are the essential values by which our office runs.

-- Stephen M. Canfield, MD, PhD